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Time sheets should be prepared by the  Do not wait until Friday, Monday, or the end of 
  employee on a DAILY basis. the pay period to fill out the time sheet.  
      Never complete a timesheet in advance.
All hours worked for the district must be listed Supervisors cannot mentally track comp time
  on the time sheet. or use other methods to "compensate" 
      employees for working extra time.  Employees
      cannot "volunteer" their time by not reporting
      extra time worked.
All overtime must be approved by the  Employees cannot work overtime 
  principal.  If overtime was necessary due to  whenever he/she chooses.
  an emergency and the employee could not     
  obtain prior approval, they should notify the    
  principal immediately after so that the     
  principal can decide how to compensate    
  the employee.    
Employees must fill out the forms themselves. Supervisors and/or secretaries cannot 
    complete any portion of the time sheet for
      an employee.
Every line and box of the time sheet should Rows and boxes on the time sheet should
  have an entry, even if it is zero. not be left blank.
Errors should be lined through and initialed Never use correction fluid to correct mistakes.
  by the employee.  
Times on the time sheet should be Time sheets should not list the scheduled
  accurately reflected as they actually work times or "what should have occurred."
  occurred…actual time worked.    
Short lunches (less than 30 minutes) are Lunch period of less than 30 minutes should
  considered work time and must be not be listed in the out/in columns of the 
  compensated.  A true lunch period is a   time sheet.  Employees should not take a 
  minimum of 30 continuous minutes.   short lunch if the principal has instructed not to.
Employees must work the required number Each week stands on its own - you cannot
  of hours per week and record absences "borrow" time one week and make it up
  when hours are short.   the next week on your time sheet.