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Internet Research Project

Complete the internet research worksheet.  Find the address of your first choice that you want to write to.  Here is a great site for finding this information.  If you cannot find the person on this site, use this page for more information.  If after numerous attempts to find the address, send a message to Ms. Zinn in moodle indicating the person you are trying to find.  You may post a request for help in the forum.  In the meantime, look for the address of your second choice as a backup in case your first choice cannot be located. 

Spend some time researching the person or company you are writing and  list five facts that you did not know about them.  Begin the internet research project.  Here are some helpful links for this project.

Birthday & Historical Information
Perpetual Calendar
On this day
Infoplease - Year by year
Time Capsule
Scopes - Any Day
History Channel - This Day
Brainy History
Movie & Music Information
The Numbers
(click on year you were born)
Film Site
(For Academy Awards)
Alaska Jim Music Charts
Name Sites
Behind the Name
(first names)
Baby Names World
Behind the Name
(Last Names)
Historical Names
Geneaology Last Names
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