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Award Lists (PDF) - Contains all lists except Pushcart Prize

Pushcart Prize List (Word) - All poetry pushcart prize winners 1976-2007.  Alphabetical List of authors only.  Does not contain the year they won.

Poetry File (Excel) - All authors and awards they have won.  Has year of awards except for the pushcart years.  Will have authors duplicated if they won more than one award.

Alphabetical Author List (Word) - List of all authors on all lists alphabetically.  List is authors only, does not show their awards.


Disclaimer - I do not guarantee the accuracy of these lists. By accessing them, you assume all risks of using these lists.  I may have left names off or included incorrect names.  After typing over 1,000+ names (with duplicated awards) I may have some mistakes. 

Pulitzer Prize for Poetry

National Book Award for Poetry
PEN Voelcker Award for Poetry
PEN Joyce Osterwall Award for Poetry
Pen Beyond Margins Award
Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize
Frost Medal for Distinguished Achievement
Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award
Kate Tufts Discovery Award
National Book Critics Circle Awards
Witter Bynner Poetry Prize
Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Poetry
Bobbitt National Prize for Poetry
Cave Canem Poet Winners
Academy Fellowship
First Book Awards for Poetry from the Native Writers Circle of the Americas
Pushcart Prize
(Site only, awards not listed)
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