Stock in Talk
The Hereford team raised $4000.00 with their stock in talk fundraiser!

Stock in Talk

This fundraiser actually is an idea from the NFL website.  I created my own stock certificate that the individual or business would get immediately when they purchased stock.  I just printed these on fancy paper instead of the more expensive brochure paper.  They are folded accordion style.

After every tournament, students write to their shareholders and update them on their progress as well as the team's progress.  I am also going to incorporate a team report that will go out with the letters monthly.  In it I will share the NFL point standings, TFA qualifications and other miscellaneous information.

Students received a grade for making at least ten contacts.  They had to fill out the person's name and get their signature as a contact.  If they sold stock shares then they also filled out the shareholder contact information page that was printed on triplicate paper and served as our receipts.  The shareholder's receipt was the stock certificate that they received.
Students are also graded for writing their letters each month.  I do check them for grammar and spelling mistakes and they have to correct them before printing.  They are printed on fancy paper that I purchased at Walmart with our own letterhead at the top.  (Last year, the office got upset at the amount of fancy school letterhead paper we used.)

If you want to try this and you like the brochure I created, let me know and I will customize it for you.  Just give me a little time to do it.  It doesn't take long, it just depends on what else is on my plate at the moment.

It is a great fundraiser because it's basically just a donation.  You don't have to deliver candles or cookie dough and such.   Most people enjoy the correspondence from the students and it's a great source of community contacts... especially when it comes to getting judges for the your tournament. 

If you have more questions, just let me know!

Stock Certificate Brochure

Sample letter to shareholders
Contact Sheet
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