Hereford won 1st place sweepstakes at this tournament.

Muleshoe Tournament


Competing at the tournament were:  Matthew Gonzales, Mitchell Harris, Tyler LaMascus, Jacob Landrum, Trinh Nguyen, Miranda Parman, Miles Perry, James Romo, Ryne Ruckman, Luke Spriggs, and Merrilee Yocum.



Trinh Nguyen broke to quarter-finals in LD debate

Luke Spriggs place 4th in Domestic Extemp

James Romo placed 3rd in Poetry

Jacob Landrum placed 3rd in Oratory

Ryne Ruckman placed 2nd in Domestic Extemp

Miranda Parman placed 2nd in Congress

Miles Perry placed 6th in Domestic Extemp and 4th in Poetry

Merrilee Yocum placed 4th in Prose, 2nd in poetry, and 1st in Domestic Extemp

Mitchell Harris placed 2nd in Dramatic, 1st in Prose, and 1st in Humorous


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