"You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it."
~Robin Williams

Lincoln-Douglas Debate
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LD Topic Analysis

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Criteria Powerpoint Project

The Definition of a Value

Car V & C Assignment

Fill in the Blank Constructive

Crash Course in LD

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LD Powerpoint

Judging LD Debate

The Code of the Debater

CX Powerpoint

Judging CX Debate


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Extemporaneous Speaking
Oratory Student Congress
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Extemp Topic Analysis

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Extemp Powerpoint

Judging Foreign or Domestic Extemp

Rostrum Articles on Oratory

Oratory Powerpoint

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TFA Legislation (07-08)

NFL Legislation (07-08)

Congress Powerpoint

NFL Congress Research 08


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This I Believe Impromptu Tips

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Impromptu Assignment

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