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Impromptu Speaking - 7 minutes total

Impromptu speaking is a speech and debate event that involves a seven minute speech, with up to three of these seven minutes available for use as preparation time (known as prep time, or simply prep). The speaker receives a slip of paper, which provides three choices for their speech. The topics can be abstract or concrete nouns, people, political events or quotations. Once they have drawn the topic, the contestant has 7 minutes to prepare AND speak.  Generally they may think for a minute or so and then try to speak for 5 minutes, but this will vary.  You should judge them on their ability to present their ideas to you in an interesting and organized fashion.  Regardless of their limited prep time, the speech should have a beginning, middle and end.


Impromptu Ballot - blank

Sample Impromptu Ballots - filled
Impromptu Tips
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