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Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking

Extemporaneous speaking, also known as "Extemp," is an event in high school and college debate in which students speak persuasively about current events. In Extemp, a speaker chooses a question out of three offered, then prepares for thirty minutes with the use of previously prepared articles from magazines, journals and newspapers before speaking for seven minutes on the topic.

The actual speech is delivered without the aid of notes and, at top levels, is a smooth, dynamic peformance that incorporates research, background knowledge, humor and opinion. A successful extemp speech has an introduction that catches the listener's attention, introduces the theme of the speech, and answers the question through three, or sometimes two, areas of analysis which develop an answer to the question. The preview of the three or two areas of analysis to come is called the "menu". The conclusion summarizes the speech and ties everything together, relating back to the introduction and body of the speech.

Foreign extemp will have topics that are related to countries outside the U.S. or U.S. policies in relation to foreign countries.


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