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HISD Webmail and  E-mail Clients

HISD employees use Microsoft Outlook or Groupwise in the Windows environment and Entourage or Groupwise in the Mac OS X environment as the E-mail client.   E-mail can also be accessed via the internet using Groupwise Webmail.  What are the differences between these two methods?

Webmail is accessed via the internet address:  http://mail.herefordisd.net/gw/webacc

When you access your e-mail via Webmail you will see a list of all pending e-mail for your e-mail address.  You can send, receive, forward, etc. just as you can with any e-mail client.  When you use Webmail you are viewing e-mail directly from the E-mail server.

Microsoft Outlook, Groupwise or Entourage is set up as a POP3 service.   This means that all e-mail for you address is retrieved from the e-mail server and placed on your computer.  Once e-mail is received in your client it no longer resides on the e-mail server and can not be accessed with Webmail.

Example:  You are on a trip and you open Webmail and see 10 e-mails that have been received for your address.  The next day you open Webmail again and you will see the 10 e-mails from yesterday and new e-mails that have been received since then.  You return to your office and open your client.   You will receive all of the e-mails that you have viewed during  your trip and any new e-mail.  If you open Webmail at this point, there will be no email.   All of the e-mails now reside on your computer and can be viewed only from your client.

A common misconception is that the password for Webmail and your client are different.   This is not true.  You have only one password for your e-mail account and it is used for Webmail and any e-mail client such as Outlook, Entourage, etc..




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